March 23-25, 2017
Dallas, Texas
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Professional Trainers & Coaches
March 23-25, 2017
Dallas, Texas
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March 23-25, 2017

The Mastery Bonus Day, March 23, 2017 & 2-Day EPIC CONFERENCE held March 24- March 25, 2017 will set you up for “GLOBAL EPIC IMPACT.”

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Our Venue

The EPIC Conference will be held at the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria in Dallas, Texas.

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Our Presenters

Aprille Franks-Hunt has pulled together influential friends, trainers and coaches prepared to answer and address your specific challenges and barriers.

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What it would feel like to have crystal clear clarity in your purpose driven business? Know the exact strategies to create a business that can serve – and profit at the same time? Why epic success seems to follow those you follow but is slow to follow you?

What if you could attract success by understanding the methods that I’ve been using to do just that?

YOU CAN. BUT FIRST….Bye, bye motivation. You’re probably over it. You’ve been over-motivated and that’s not enough. It was when it was, but now you need results. You want answers to your questions, strategies that will work for your business and the how to’s to help take your purpose driven path, Global.




Our centered mission this year is
“GLOBAL EPIC IMPACT.” What started off as a way to help my community leverage relationships and grow their businesses has grown into what thousands call, “the #1 movement for thriving coaches and speakers!” We’ve built a solid base of with over 4,000 members since January! This year we are providing our community the clarity, tools and resources to build and sustain their legacy. This event will host over 200 exhilarating, world changing authors, speakers, coaches, and bloggers together in one space for the purposes of collaborative synergy, top notch training, accountability and support. By the last day of the event, you’ll be connecting with more of your target audience, developing and refining various areas of your business and on track to generate more money than ever before! This is no hype, my clients have the track record to prove it! Speaking of TRACKS, here are our areas of focus – be sure to review the EPIC SCHEDULE as it grows over the next couple of months!




Engagement is everything in the social space you occupy. Understanding what engagement encompasses is imperative in your communications with your ideal audience.

Positioning is about how your brand intentionally prepares to show up on a consistent basis.

Impact is why you probably wake up in the morning. You have a message, a solution for those meant for you to connect with, to serve, to support. You want to create massive impact in your home, your local market and for the world.

Creating Consistent Cashflow is a challenge for most entrepreneurs at every level – whether you started your business a month ago or 10 years ago, understanding the landscape of your ideal clients and the ever changing climate of how to create products that produce results, systems that capture those results and a technology for duplication.





SO, What’s included in Mastery Day?

In addition to everything you’ll get with your 2-Day EPIC CONFERENCE admission, I’m extending an entire day for 50 no holds-barred leaders – the day before our 2 day conference event begins. Intimate Laser BONUS Day with my SUPER FRIENDS!

YES, you’ll have a full day with Aprille Franks-Hunt and several of her influential friends, trainers and coaches with a limited number of participants. You’ll receive an Assessment to assist Aprille and her team in making sure your Mastery Day is exactly what you need to get over the hump and to your next level.

Our goal is to address your specific challenges and barriers.

How do you know if this is for you? That’s simple. You are tired of waiting in line. If you are tired of waiting for your turn. THIS is your opportunity to come to the front and take your place as a Leader committed to creating a profitable business.



EPIC – Standard [SOLD OUT]
299.00 USD

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399.00 USD

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EPIC + Mastery Day [SOLD OUT]
1,199.00 USD

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Got a burning question? It may be answered already below!

When should I book my room?

Our suggest is to book your room as soon as possible, at registration for event is the best time to ensure you get in on the event hotel room blocks at the discounted rate. Once all the rooms in our block are booked the conference discount will not be applied to any room other room bookings at the designated hotel.

Which is the closet airport to the hotel?

The Dallas, Texas area host two major airport arrivals. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) which is approximately 21 miles east of the hotel. Airport Phone is 972-973-8888. The second airport is Dallas Love Field (DAL) which is approximately 10 miles North East of the hotel. Airport phone is 214-670-6080.

What is the dress code during the event?

Dress code for training is business casual. Please bring a sweater or jacket for conference event rooms can be a little chilly. EPIC party on Saturday night is all out let’s get dressed up and fly (evening attire).

What should I bring with me for training?

Our suggestion is notepad and pen. Some bring their laptop to take notes. There is limited electrical plug in for charging.

Is there childcare options available?

EPIC Conference is your time to be laser focus and present during training to assist your with growing your business. While your family is welcome to join you during your travel. The conference itself does not provide any type of accommodations for family members.

What if I purchase a ticket then have an emergency and am unable to attend the conference?

Due to the cost of producing a LIVE event all tickets are non-refundable. Our suggestion is to bless someone else with your ticket if you choose.

Conference Venue

Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria
14901 Dallas Parkway Dallas, Texas 75254




Heres what these cool people have said about us.

THANK YOU to Aprille Franks-Hunt and her staff, team, friends and everyone involved with the #epiccon2016 . This was a mind changing and stretching out of the box event. I was there to capture the event and left a changed person in business as well as service to others. There is no greater feeling than to know that other’s see your vision and will drop everything to serve your vision, purpose and call on your life. How we serve each other , is how God will make sure you are served when its your turn to shine. It was our honor to be with you all. Be blessed until the next time!

Stephen Nelson and The Nelson Family, Photography by Staci

I am still trying to put into words what this past few days has been for me. I am thankful for all of the hugs, kisses, words of encouragement, and prayers (my goodness, the PRAYERS) that I received. You guys are amazing – like, really amazing! I was able to hug people whom I was rooting for. I realized that I am genuinely happy for my CSS family and they are genuinely happy for me! #EpicCon2016 was much more than a conference – it was a celebration of life, community, partnerships/collaborations, a-ha moments, and love. There is more, but for now, thank you for being EPIC!

Mishondy Wright-Brown, CEO Don't Touch Me

#EpicCon16 was an unforgettable experience. It was my first conference and my investment was not in vain. The content alone was worth it all. Even though I was not in the mastermind, I felt that the content in the breakout sessions was impact filled. Aprille Franks-Hunt and her team also created a synamic atmosphere. An atmosphere which allowed me to engage and network with likeminded individuals. Individuals who since has become my accountability and business partners. You missed an experience at Epiccon16, Nonetheless, I am confident that EpicCon17 will not disappoint.

Tyrell Ramsey, CreatedWithPurpose

“Congratulations to AprilleFranks-Hunt for executing a totally EPIC event this past week/weekend. #EPICCON16!! was nothing short of its name EPIC. Far beyond the fun and camaraderie you all are seeing in the pics posted, it was a game changer. From Mastery Day Training to the Red Carpet permier of Aprille’s short film “Unbroken Resilience”. There was a lesson in EVERYTHING. Put March 2017 on your calendar for EPICCON17 in Dallas, Texas. Thank you Aprille for opening the door of opportunity and extending an invitation to serve your tribe. It was beyond my pleasure to be there and experience such EPICNESS. May God see fit to continue enlarging your territory so that others are positioned to experience the same “

Delmar Johnson, CEO HR Brains for Hire

Bravo to Aprille Franks-Hunt for creating and executing an absolute EPIC event this past week/weekend. #EPICCON2016!! The event was unforgettable. There was fun and camaraderie, but it was a life changer for me and its attendees. You had wonderful speakers & gave tons of tools to implement in your business to take it to the next level. Every attendee could leave with something that would catapult their business moving forward. If you are an entrepreneur who desires to be challenged by someone who really cares about you WINNING, I suggest you put March 2017 on your calendar for EPICCON2017 in Dallas, TX.Thank you Aprille Franks-Hunt!!. It was an honor to be there and experience such an EPIC event.

Tamika Miller, Attorney at Law

I made a decision to #Accelerate2016 and no longer stay stuck so I invested in myself and I chose my investment wisely, my coach, Aprille Franks-Hunt, VIP and Ignite and Had I not did so and taken the opportunity to go to #EpicCon2016, I would not have gained the leadership nor confidence that I
hold now. I have met some influential women that I love who literally have given me the impetus to spread my wings and fly.
I am grateful for the sisterhood and the genuine love shown me, extending helping hands and prayers. My truth filled with shame and pain has become my story. I am an #EpicAmbassador4LifeEpic Aprille — Thank You for your platform, your Coaching, Speaking & Serving!!! #UnBrokenResilience

Shelonda Sims, EPIC Ambassdor 2016

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