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April 12-14, 2018

Media Mania Ultra VIP Day (50 seats only)
April 12, 13 & 14
Hustle VIP Admission (50 seats only)
April 13 & 14
Spark General Admission
April 13 & 14

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Our Venue

The Westin Atlanta Airport
4736 Best Road
Atlanta, GA 30337
Phone:(404) 762-7676
From $129 per night with free shuttle to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

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Our Hosts

This women’s entrepreneurship conference is hosted by Aprille Franks-Hunt, CEO of Women Recharged and Coach, Speak & Serve™ (CSS) and Conference Host of EPICCON and Tory Johnson, founder of Spark & Hustle and Women for Hire.

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From The Creators of EPICCON and Spark & Hustle Conferences, Followed by over 20,000 Small Business Women Owners


Dreaming Doesn’t Work When It Comes to Business!

If you are a woman who is just about to get your business started or are one that already runs a successful business, you must have experienced the “dreaming” phase. It happens to every entrepreneur with even a half decent idea or business. You envision your idea becoming a success or an even bigger success, the sales, the responses, the awards, the profits, the franchises, the houses, vacations etc. The list just goes on.

Dreaming is limitless!

Dreaming is also pointless!

Your idea, your enthusiasm, your passion, your motivation and your energy all count for NOTHING, yes, NOTHING, if you don’t have the right business plan.

The real world is called the real world for a reason! Action and strategies work and imagination doesn’t.

If you are ready to take your business “idea” to the levels you have only dreamt about until now, read on!






A 2-Day Conference with Coaches, Authors, Bloggers & Successful and Influential Businessmen and Women to Help You with the Following;

Fine-Tuning Your Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is tough. Being a woman entrepreneur is doubly tough.
90% of entrepreneurs fail and fail miserably. Listen, talk, discuss and get advice from entrepreneurs who have made that elite 10% cut. Learn and get inspired by what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, from ones who have fallen, risen and made a name for themselves in a competitive market.

Creating Branding

Learn from the best when it comes to creating a name for yourself. With the right branding, your business can go from a $2,000 a month business to a $20,000 a month business. Understand how you can leverage the power of branding to leverage your products or services, to take your business to the true “next” level.

Becoming an influencer

Following the herd is tough. Becoming an influencer with your business can put you way ahead of the curve, where you define a whole new market instead of try to penetrate it. As an influencer, you can create a niche need, not just serve one. This is where your ticket to success could lie. Who better to learn the art of influencing from, than from influencers themselves?

Pitching, Marketing & Selling

Passive business is always good business. But, your reach is virtually limitless if you commit to marketing. Learn about the right ways to pitch your products or services to your customers or even to your investors. Understand the nuances of marketing and selling from guest speakers who have actually sold and marketed in competitive markets, to outplay the competition.

Leveraging Media Exposure

It is the digital age now. If your business is not propagating itself on social channels, you are cutting yourself off at the knees when it comes to potential growth. Learn from real life businesswomen and coaches about how you can leverage powerful but incredibly easy to use social media marketing, to open up your business to an audience that you never even thought existed before!

Leveraging live streaming

Can your business benefit from live streaming. Live streaming is the latest in cutting edge technique in social media marketing. Listen to entrepreneurs and coaches talk about and even give you live examples of how live streaming of how to videos, tutorials or demos are capturing audience’s attention, giving your business unheralded exposure that simply can’t be matched by your competition.

Making Profits

Absolutely nothing counts in your business if you are in the red. Positive cash flows and profits are what will take your business forward, allowing you to grow, allowing you to realize the dreams you have as a businesswoman. If you have a business, even a successful business, but are struggling to make profits, this conference is for you. Learn about crucial mistakes or inaction you might be guilty of, keeping your company’s bottom-line in the red.

Let successful entrepreneurs hand hold you through just a few but very, very critical steps that will put your business on the path to profitability.

The People behind the Conference

This women’s entrepreneurship conference is a by-product of the efforts of two very successful women. Aprille Franks-Hunt is CEO of Women Recharged and Coach, Speak & Serve™ (CSS) and Conference Host of EPICCON and Tory Johnson is founder of Spark & Hustle and Women for Hire.

EPICCON and Spark & Hustle together have a following of 20,000+ small business women owners. Past conferences of both EPICCON and Spark & Hustle have been a tremendous success, selling out weeks in advance.

Together, Aprille & Tory have positively impacted the lives of over 10,000 women, providing tools, training, networking and support to prosper at their business.

The conference will also be graced by guest businessmen and businesswomen, life coaches, motivational speakers, authors and a myriad of other people who can positively influence your way to a successful business.


Media Mania Ultra VIP Day
1,298.00 USD

April 12, 13 & 14

FULL BONUS DAY with Mastery Speakers

Access to 2 Day Spark & Hustle Conference

Reserved Seating

Private Luncheon

Spark & Hustle Tote bag

Access to all main break out sessions and general session speakers

$1,298 until November 30, 2017
$1,598 until January 31, 2017
$1,798 until March 31, 2017

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Hustle VIP Admission
598.00 USD

April 13 & 14  

Spark General Admission PLUS:

Reserved Seating

Private Luncheon

Spark & Hustle Tote bag

Access to all main break out sessions and general session speakers

$598 until November 30, 2017
$798 until January 31, 2017
$998 until March 31, 2017

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Spark General Admission
398.00 USD

April 13 & 14

General Admission

Lunch on your own

Access to all main break out sessions and general session speakers

$398 until November 30, 2017
$598 until January 31, 2017
$798 until March 31, 2017

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Got a burning question? It may be answered already below!

When should I book my room?

Our suggestion is to book your room as soon as possible, at registration for event is the best time to ensure you get in on the event hotel room blocks at the discounted rate. Once all the rooms in our block are booked, the conference discount will not be applied to any room other room bookings at the designated hotel.

Which is the closet airport to the hotel?

The Westin Atlanta Airport is located just 2 miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Free shuttle services is provided to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

What is the dress code during the event?

Dress code for training is business casual. Please bring a sweater or jacket for conference event rooms can be a little chilly.

What should I bring with me for training?

Our suggestion is notepad and pen. Some bring their laptop to take notes. There is limited electrical plug in for charging.

Is there childcare options available?

The Spark & Hustle Conference is your time to be laser focus and present during training to assist your with growing your business. While your family is welcome to join you during your travel. The conference itself does not provide any type of accommodations for family members.

What if I purchase a ticket then have an emergency and am unable to attend the conference?

Due to the cost of producing a LIVE event all tickets are non-refundable. Our suggestion is to bless someone else with your ticket if you choose.

Conference Venue

The Westin Atlanta Airport
4736 Best Road Atlanta, GA 30337




Heres what these cool people have said about us.

#epiccon17 one of the best things about being at Mastery and Epic is being face to face with the people you’ve connected with online and greeting them with a real hug.

Jennifer Fontanilla

I am epically exhausted…but in a commanding way. I am ICE…inspired to take that power leap; committed to being teachable; executable to execute. Let’s go! ITS MY TIME! Working on my theme song. Letting go of the ego, selfishness, and stubbornness.

CB Wallace

It is truly an energizing, supportive, informative, & loving space.

Veronica Michelle Richardson

I didn’t know what I needed until I got to #EpicCon17. #epicrevelation

L Tomay Douglas

#epiccon17 I attended the Epic Conference not knowing what to expect but being in this community, I knew the content would be great. The conference, the content, the service of the Ambassadors, the giving spirit of the speakers, and the genuineness of everyone involved was beyond my greatest expectation! From the mastery day until the last day, you felt Aprille’s desire for ALL of us to succeed. Thank you Aprille and I will see you at Spark and Hustle 2018!

Yolanda Mitchell Williams

#epiccon17 in Dallas was AMAZING!!!

Roberto Candelaria

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