Barbara Pender

Certified Social Media Strategist

Barbara Pender

Certified Social Media Strategist


Barbara Pender, (Social Sage) is a Certified Social Media Strategist, Co-Host and Producer of #SmallBizChat, Twitter’s #1 talk show for entrepreneurs.  In 2014, she was nominated as Collaborator of the Year and in 2015 she was nominated and honored as Networker of the Year.  Barbara is an International Speaker and Bestselling author of the anthology books BOLD with Les Brown and The Relationship Age with Mari Smith.  BOLD was nominated 2015 Small Business Book Awards in the category of motivation.

She has become a welcomed social media authority for several ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW news affiliates as well as a contributor to Black Enterprise.  You may have last seen Barbara covering the Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Summit via Periscope, last fall.  Look for Barbara’s laser focused digital magazine, to launch in 2016.

They say Twitter is like a cocktail party, Facebook is like a dinner party, and LinkedIn is like a trade show. If you are a networker, conference attendee or event planner for your business or company; then allow Barbara’s strategy of services to create a buzz, that will get people talking, and keep them engaged down to the signing of the contract and beyond.  No event is complete without having Social Sage’s presence live streaming to your community via platform e,g, Periscope; followed by complete follow up interviews.

Having the opportunity to work with Barbara means drowning out the noise of all the social media overwhelm and tuning into the Social Media Profit by focusing on the right platforms and strategies to accomplish your goals. Barbara is known for her “Keeping Social Simple” philosophy and teaching you how to keep the actual work in-house by showing you how to time block your efforts.  Barbara has coined the phrase “Get your social act together”.

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