Chris Davis

Director of Education - Activecampaign

Chris Davis

Director of Education - Activecampaign


Chris Davis is an Electrical Engineer (formerly employed by Lockheed Martin) turned entrepreneur. He has over 12 years of professional experience building automated systems for companies and corporations.

For the last 2 years Chris operated as the Head of Marketing Automation at one of the nation’s fastest growing tech startup companies called LeadPages. Where he was been responsible for creating and building a fully automated marketing system for business scale. The marketing systems put in place were responsible for helping Leadpages raise over 35 million dollars in venture capital funding.

With strong ambitions to get more small businesses leveraging marketing automation, Chris decided to leave Leadpages and work for Activecampaign, a marketing automation platform built for small businesses. Chris currently occupies the title of Director of Education.

Chris is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge of digital marketing and automation with small business owners to help them build a business that is mature enough to operate on its own.

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Mogul CEO: Automate it..ALL

9:50 am - 10:50 am