Ronda A. White

COO - Coach, Speak, & Serve

Ronda A. White

COO - Coach, Speak, & Serve


Master Coach, International Speaker and COO Ronda White is the operational and programmatic fuel behind Coach, Speak and Serve™, a next-level consulting and training company that helps modern-day authors, speakers and coaches to maximize and monetize their messages.

Known for her brilliance as a consummate business strategist, Ronda chases and defines growth opportunities, in any capacity, with a fervor that is unmatched. Her sharp insight enables her to unravel the fabric of any organization—startup or seasoned—adeptly shifting snags into solutions.

She has an authentic affinity for personal development and for stretching people past perceptions and perceived limitations into greatness.  It is her life’s work—a calling that constantly beckons her higher.

And she rises to answer it every day.

Her soul for service has always guided her from one destination to her next. Whether she is coaching entrepreneurs to their next revenue ascension or coaching women through their pain into purpose, she leads heart first.  After lending her leadership expertise to industries from the military to academics, Ronda felt led towards a passion to reach people on a more intimate, transformative level.  She listened, and left Corporate America in 2015 to find—and fulfill—her destiny to help women to grow through life’s seemingly insurmountable odds.  As a single mother of two who refused to remain stagnant in struggle, she found she could connect to today’s woman in a way that was far more than relatable—it was spiritual. And as her coaching practice organically grew, so did her inner flame to serve on a bigger scale.

In 2015, she joined forces with Master Coach and business phenomenon Aprille Franks-Hunt to build the Coach, Speak and Serve™ brand into what it is today, a thriving firm that has helped 4000+ purpose-driven entrepreneurs to amplify their impact and revenue with multi-million dollar platforms anchored in everything from blockbusting books to international nonprofits, reaching stages and audiences worldwide.

Ignited daily by her purpose to not just inspire but to empower, Ronda amplifies her message on every medium within her grasp. In 2015, she shared her spirit-stirring story in Fabulous New Life, a bestselling anthology chronicling the tragedy to triumph personal narratives of everyday heroines.  In 2016, she launched her own radio program, In the Raw on the PowerPlay Radio Network, which gives the world a provocative, behind-the-microphone look into the lives of today’s most enterprising entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Mastery Day – Mogul Success Panel – Ronda A. White Moderator

10:20 am - 11:00 am

Affirming Self

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Closing Keynote: The Beginning – Jumping Into Your Next

6:05 pm - 6:55 pm